8. I'll Make a Man out of You - Kyssa and Alk.

Asker's Portrait Asked by kyssandrith



“Alright, alright. No. Stop, just stop.”Alkrenon walked up to Kyssandrith, waving his hands to stop whatever the night elf was doing that looked like a blend between a squat and a crouch. She straightened up, hands to her waist and a sigh on her lips. “You told me to get lower,” she said and repeated the crouch.

“Lower, but keep your back straight. What was that? That looked like you had the runs and couldn’t keep it in anymore.” Alkrenon mimicked Kyssandrith’s earlier posture with exaggeration.

“It wasn’t that bad.”

“It was that bad.”

She waved her hands in front of herself. “You told me knees folded, crouch down, and lean forward, and that’s what I did!”

“Yes but no! I mean, yes but you’re not doing it right! If you understood Draenic I could be explaining much better! Common doesn’t have that many words, end up using wrong ones. So how would you say “crouch but with slight elevation and not quite crouching but keeping the same theme going” in one word in Common? Because that’s what I’m trying to say!”

“It’s just crouch.”

“It’s not crouching! It’s like… Look! It’s like this! You saw me doing this earlier.”

The draenei stood next to Kyssandrith and adopted a crouching posture but with a stronger emphasis on the forward weight of the upper body, something that was difficult to mimic for someone that didn’t have hooves or tail.  

Kyssandrith scoffed, arms crossing. “Alright, I can’t do that.”

“You have to do that, that’s how jed’hin starts. Down crouch, weight forward, tail straight.”

“I don’t have a tail.”

“You don’t have a brain either, but look at that you made it this far in life, way to go! Same thing here.  Besides, you bugged ME to show you this. Dunno why, it’s not like you can participate in a jed’hin match but sure, whatever, you like feeling special.”

“Just shut up and show me again, goatface.”

Alk, we must speak again about Jed’hin.  We miss it!  Would you like to bring it to our Great Hunt event in May?